Pay holidays and benefits

1, The national statutory holidays and weekends, annual 5 to 15 days paid vacation;

2, Seven insurances and a fund, seven insurances including pension, unemployment, work injury, medical, maternity, supplementary medical insurance and personal accident insurance, a fund is housing accumulation Fund 

3, Enjoy the seniority pay which increase yearly for the service in the company for a certain period of time

4, Provide lunch subsidies

5, A paid annual employee health examination

6, Holiday benefits, birthday celebrations with commemorating gifts 

7, Employee condolence funds (sickness, maternity, work injury, marriage, etc)

8, Organize two large-scale staff activities every year.

Training: The Company has established a professional training system, a unique diversity training management system

1, One full-day training on the first day of work (including the company rules and regulations, on-site operation and other training)

2, Field training of process operations at the company's production base

3, Provide off-site training opportunities for employees serving at the company for a certain years and tuition fees are partially or fully reimbursed

4, Provide departmental on-the-job training regularly

5, Company has a literature database and work related books for self-learning.


Career development:

Laviana Pharma advocate the core values and corporate culture: "Customer Oriented, Science Respected, Teamwork Advocated and Pursuit of Excellency".  Each employee can develop and choose a career development progress based on individual ability, company developing situation and the availabilities of the company's positions with requirements matching the individuals’ qualifications, even including the cross-functional, or cross-sequence development and promotion route.  The company provides career growth path in both of technical and management directions based on the employee performance, which gives to each employee open, equal and impartial opportunities.