Tianjin Laviana

Laviana Pharma Co., Ltd.  was established in January 2014 to meet the need of the Corporate business structure and strategy adjustment and to further expand the company's industrial capabilities to downstream cGMP production.  It has established research and development capabilities for the production of up to kilogram API in line with cGMP requirements. The company is located in A4 # building in the production and research demonstration base, Huaming Industrial Park, Dongli District, Tianjin.  It has a construction space of 12,711 and has already built up more than 20 modern chemical synthesis laboratories and analytical laboratories of 1500.  In addition, 3 laboratories with kilograms production capacities have been built as well.  The company is currently planning to build a cGMP production suits suitable for API synthesis to support preclinical (GLP toxicology, etc.) and clinical phase I studies.  Meanwhile, it will also serve to carry out process validation, data collection and other pilot R&D related work to develop the optimized processes suitable for the future large-scale production of the product.

The addition of Tianjin Laviana will further enhance Laviana Pharma R&D capabilities as a whole to better meet the customers’ increasing needs of more customized synthesis R&D and to maintain and further strengthen the company’s leading position and R&D edges, effectively enhance the core competitiveness of the Enterprise.