On the morning of April 10, 2019, the flag of Cangzhou GMP Project of Laviana was flying. The site was filled with a warm and warm atmosphere. At 10:18, the foundation-laying ceremony of the project was officially started. Mr. Chen Wenting, chairman of the company; CSO, Mr. Yang Guang; COO, Mr. Chen Hongqing and several other leaders of the company participated in the founding ceremony. In the sound of salutes, the foundation stone stood steadily on the construction site, announcing that the project was officially started.

The project is located in Lingang Development Zone and will be mainly used in the production of GMP APIs after completion. In order to complete the project smoothly as soon as possible, the company leaders actively investigate, organize various discussions, and appoint "advance troops" to the site. We believe that under the leadership of the company, with the efforts of the project team, the project will be successfully completed, play a milestone role in the development of the company, and help the company more brilliant!


The New Year's annual meeting 2019 Of Laviana Pharma
Lavianacorp was invited to attend NCF Club annual conference and 2019 CPhI in Shanghai



Cangzhou Multifunctional GMP Material Pharmaceutical Projects Opening and Foundation-laying Ceremony

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