On October 26, 2016, the Bell Ceremony of Laviana Pharma listed on NEEQ was held in Beijing Financial Street National SME Share Transfer System Center.

On August 29, 2016, Laviana Pharmatech Co., Ltd. officially listed in  NEEQ, the stock sticker referred to as " Laviana Pharma ", stock code 838853.

The success of the listing in NEEQ is an important milestone for Laviana, indicating that the Enterprises will achieve a breakthrough advancement in both of industry market and capital markets in the future.

The success of the landing in the NEEQ is an important milestone in the development of Laviana, indicating that enterprises in the future industry market and capital markets will achieve a breakthrough achievement.


2017 Laviana annual company meeting held in Yuan Lin Villa Huairou, Beijing
Beijing Laviana 2016 New Year Gala



Warmly congratulations on the initial listing of Laviana Pharma on NEEQ.

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